Seniors win essay contest

Seven seniors posted entries in the Corad essay contest sponsored by the Benedictine Institute of Saint John's this semester. They wrote about the influence of a Benedictine environment and values during their college years on their personal development and sense of vocation in their plans and dreams for the future.  CSB students were Emily Bina, Jaclyn Imdieke, Delaney Lundeen, and Shannon Preston. SJU students were Alex Brehm, Aaron Sinner, and Shafak Samsheer. 

Several of them touched on the strong bonds of friendship and sense of community on both campuses and the way this fosters self-discovery and mature personal relationships.  Some pointed to discovering vocational goals-for example a life dedicated to teaching children-that surprised them but now have a strong appeal. Prizes were made possible by Corad, with funding from the Lilly Endowment.