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Areas of Agreement between Traditionalists and Anti-Traditionalists

My family of origin avoids conversation on controversial issues

  • 20% of traditionalists agree (mean: 2.2353)
  • 23% of anti-traditionalist (mean: 2.2951)

There is a climate of political correctness at CSB/SJU

  • 37% of traditionalists agree (mean: 3.4510)
  • 44% of anti-traditionalists agree (mean: 3.3607)

In some classes at CSB/SJU, it is hard to get an A if you don’t share the professor’s opinions

  • 29% of traditionalists agree (mean: 2.7255)
  • 26% of anti-traditionalists agree (mean: 2.6721)

The faculty at CSB/SJU hold a wide range of views on most controversial issues

  • 51% of traditionalists agree (mean: 3.4020)
  • 46% of anti-traditionalists agree (mean: 3.4262)