Ambivalence about Catholicism, Initial Campus-Wide Survey

  • 21.0% of students judge it as negative and 33.7% of students judge it as positive when conversational “participants respect official Catholic teaching,” but 45.3% say it is neither positive nor negative.
  •  24% of students agree, and 43.9% disagree, that “the Catholic identity of CSB/SJU makes it easier to have constructive conversations on controversial topics” (mean 2.7062).
  •  26.7% agree, and 42.4% disagree, that “Catholicism is discussed too much at CSB/SJU” (mean 2.7819; mean for gender is 2.6246; mean for sexuality is 2.3294).
  •  24.7% agree, and 43.1% disagree, that “at a Catholic university, the official teachings of the church should have a privileged place in conversations about controversial issues” (mean 2.6815).
  •  37.1% agree, and 34.7% disagree, that “the Catholic church beyond CSB/SJU makes it more difficult to have good conversations on controversial issues at CSB/SJU” (mean 3.0593).

“Neutral” was the mode on all of these items.