Overview of Research Activities

Table 2: Overview of Research Activities

1) In spring 2006, 341 students and 79 faculty and staff people completed an extensive survey about attitudes and experiences related to controversial conversations (initial campus-wide survey, or survey

2) In 2006-2007, more than 300 students participated in “campus laboratory” courses, in which they completed surveys and were observed (campus laboratory surveys, or survey

3) In 2006-2007, we observed more than a dozen public events, conducted three one-credit courses, and conducted focus groups with student members of PRiSM and Fides et Ratio.

4) In spring 2007, 781 students completed a survey about the meaning of CSB/SJU’s Catholic identity (see Catholic identity survey)

5) Over the course of the 2006-2007 academic year, we visited a handful of other church-related colleges that have wrestled with controversial issues.