ConnectEd: Emergency Mass Notification System

    We have implemented ConnectED - a company that specializes in technology for mass notification services - to keep students, parents, faculty and staff informed and connected in the event of an emergency.

    Students, faculty, and staff will have the option to provide multiple phone numbers (home, work, and cell) and e-mail addresses to which emergency messages will be sent. Students are encouraged to talk with parents so that their contact information can also be included. This will insure that they also receive any emergency messages that may be sent.

    Update your information

    To update your information in ConnectED please fill out this form:
    CSB/SJU ConnectED Log-in

    Your username is: CSB/SJU e-mail account
    Your password is: BANNER ID Number

    • Emergency e-mails will come addressed as:
    • Emergency text messages will come from: CAMPUSALERT
    • Emergency Phone Calls will show on Caller-ID as originating from: 320-363-5111
    • You can learn more about the ConnectED service at their website.

    We are committed to using this system for emergencies only

    There will be occasional tests during the year to install updates and insure the system is working. Should you have any questions regarding the system, please contact Darren Swanson, Director of Security , CSB or Shawn Vierzba, Director of Life Safety Services, SJU.