T-shirts and Promotional Items

Design Approval

Logos, designs and language for clothing and all other items must have approval from the CSB Campus Recreation Director prior to being sold or given away on campus. Please email a copy of your design to Marcia Mahlum mmahlum@csbsju.edu to obtain approval.

  • Clothing and product designs that conflict with the CSB/SJU mission will not be approved.
  • Product designs that compete with items sold in the CSB/SJU bookstores will not be approved.
  • Product designs cannot make use of CSB/SJU logos or identity unless you have permission from the Communication & Marketing Services.

Expense Approval

  • If you are going to purchase t-shirts (or any other item for your club to use or sell), upon design approval you then need to get Matt Stenson's approval for the purchase.
  • REMEMBER, allocated funds cannot be used to produce items for fundraising. 
  • Loans may be granted to clubs that want to produce an item such as t-shirts for resale.  Loans are not grants; they must be repaid before the end of the fiscal year.  Loan applications can be completed by clicking here.
  • Pre-sale of items not yet produced is prohibited.

Solicitation Permit

You must obtain a permit to sell or distribute items on campus...even if you are giving items away for free. Call x5254 and a Student Activities student manager will complete a permit for you.

Taxable Sales Reporting

Taxable sales are those fundraised dollar that come from the sale of an item other than clothing. Groups must report the total amount such sales to the appropriate business office (the CSB office/Diane Van Beck at dvanbeck@csbsju.edu if the group's account is at CSB; the SJU office/Jeremy Scegura at jrscegura@csbsju.edu if the account is at SJU).  If your club collects donations in exchange for a saleable item, the money is not taxable, but the price of the item must truly be variable.