Health Advocate Subcommittees

Physical Health

We help to educate and guide students on proper exercise, sleep, and STI awareness, and general disease and illness prevention. Entering college, we become much more independent and have to start making our own decisions about our health. It is important for students to be aware of what is appropriate for our bodies. College is the time to start getting into good habits for our futures.

Mental Health

We strive to bring light to different mental wellbeing topics such as mental illnesses, stress, alcohol/drugs, sleep, body image/self-esteem, and other areas associated with mental health. Through passive programming such as flyers, emails, and posters and active programming such as presentations, booths and informational sessions, we hope to eliminate stigma in discussing mental health issues.

Nutritional Health

We help to educate and guide students on how to achieve a healthy and balanced diet. Portion sizes, nutritional content of foods, and mindful eating are just a few topics covered by the nutritional health committee. We know college can be a time of transition and making your own decisions.  Diet decisions are no exception, so the Nutritional Subcommittee is here to provide some information and resources related to diet and nutrition.