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The Bystander Effect


Bystanders are individuals who witness emergencies, criminal events or situations that could lead to criminal events and by their presence may have the opportunity to provide assistance - do nothing, or contribute to the negative behavior.

Engaged bystanders are individuals whose intervening or helping behaviors impact the outcome positively.


Would you intervene to help someone? (verbally, physically, by calling someone else....)

Where is your threshold for intervening or not?

What would determine if you did or did not intervene?

Are individual characteristics or situational/environmental factors more reliable predictors of behavior?

Are you more or less likely to intervene if you are the only bystander or if you are part of a group of bystanders?

What are some of your own personal motivations to intervene?

Notice the event.

Interpret the Event as a Promblem

Assume Personal Responsibility

Know how to Help

Implement the Help