John Hoody

Adjunct Chemistry Professor

Ph.D, ABD - University of Montana (2008-2013)  -

Dissertation in progress:  Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a Library of Polyacetylene Compounds based on an Antiprotozoal Natural Product from Cussonia zimmermannii.

  • B.A. - University of St. Thomas (2000)
  • Office: Ardolf Science Center # 248
  • Phone: (320) 363-5186
  • Email:


  • Skills in Chemistry (CHEM 121)
  • Introduction to Chemical Structure and Properties (CHEM 125)
  • Purifications and Separations Lab (CHEM 201)
  • Molecular Design (348)

 Research/Professional Interests:

My research interests involve utilizing natural product compounds as lead compounds for the design and synthesis of novel molecules with biological activity.  Compounds isolated from nature (plants, microbes, marine life, etc.) often possess unique chemical structures with potent biological activity including anticancer, antiprotozoal, and antibacterial activity.  By synthesizing natural product compounds in the lab, chemical variation can be introduced in numerous ways including the changing of functional groups and alterations in structure rigidity, functional group spacing, and lipophilicity.  The goal of my research is to discover compounds with improved therapeutic profiles such that the compounds selectively kill the desired target while minimizing undesired reactions which can lead to detrimental side-effects.