Other Internship Opportunities

In addition to CGE's Summer Global Internship and Teaching in Asia Programs, we'd also like to highlight a few internship opportunities that aren't directly affiliated with CGE. These programs have come to us through alumni, faculty, and reputable third party internship providers. We've also included a few links to online internship reference materials. Contact information is provided for each program to answer specific questions or concerns.

Alumni Sponsored Opportunities

South Africa

Port Elizabeth: Post Grad Internship/Volunteer Opportunity
Mater Dei Catholic Church is located in the city center of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. This past year, Danika Lindquist (Class of 2013) volunteered at the church and administered the Life Teen (Youth Ministry) Program. The church is eagerly hoping to have another CSB/SJU graduate intern in Danika's place when she leaves in July. You would continue her work of connecting the parish's teens, visiting homes, organizing Core Team/Youth Leader meetings, and planning events. You'd be working approximately 35 hours per week and receive a weekly stipend of about $250. (NOTE: This stipend is more than adequate in relation to cost of living in South Africa.) Accommodations and a personal car will be covered by the church and a host family will provide all meals. You will also be asked to volunteer 3-5 times per week in New Brighton Township with the Maisnyusane Development Organization. While there, you will be helping a group of students after school. This is a longer-term position: the internship would last from July 21, 2014 through July of 2015.


Contact Danika Lindquist danikalindquist@gmail.com to receive the application material. Danika is also available to answer any questions about the position. Applicants must submit a resume or CV with their application. Application materials are due by March 5, 2014.


Further Resources

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