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Meet the Team

If you see a person you would like to try out a free session with, contact [email protected] for a free first session!


Personal Trainer Description:

Experts in fitness, our trainers are all certified by nationally accredited associations. When you meet with your Personal Trainer, they will set goals and then devise the best plan possible for your individual needs in order to reach those goals. This will be a combination of cardio, lifting, and stretching. The plan they create for you will last approximately 3 weeks. When you meet with your trainer after they have created your plan, they will do additional testing to monitor progress, work out with you, teach you proper technique, and help motivate you. Every meeting will also include a discussion about the attainment of your goals. Personal Training sessions last 1 hour.


Kyle Bauer- Kyle is a Senior Nutrition major and certified ACSM trainer from Eden Praire, MN. He takes a holistic view of health/wellness. Whatever your goal, this guy, who enjoys lobstering and snowboarding, can make the right plan for you.


Megan Calder- Megan is a Junior Nutrition major who likes Zumba, outdoor activities (aka motorcycle, 4wheeler, hunting, and anything else you can imagine), rodeo, and of course weight lifting. From Warroad, MN and Certified AFAA, Megan knows how to make it happen.


Justin Miller- Justin Miller is a Senior Management major from Arcadia, Wisconsin. In his free time you will find him at the gym, hanging with friends, or reading articles about new fitness programs. Justin is easy to get along with, especially if you like to talk about sports.



Nutrition Adviser Description:

With a focus on diet and how food affects your body, the Nutrition Adviser will assist you with making healthy lifestyle changes. After discussing your current eating habits, the Nutrition Adviser will help you find ways to reach your goals. Sessions will include looking at your food log, critically examining why you eat certain foods, and teaching you more about nutritional health in general. Nutrition Adviser sessions last 30 minutes.


Andrea Guajardo- Hailing from Guadalajara, Mexico, it should come as no surprise that Andrea loves spicy food. She also enjoys baking, cooking, and yoga. Si usted habla español, Andrea es su asesor en nutrición!


Lisa Knapek- Lisa loves camping and the outdoors, but also enjoys the classy arts of playing the violin and piano. This hard worker from Anoka, MN is extremely motivated and works hard no matter what she does.


Tim Baebenroth- Tim loves everything about food. Literally everything. He likes cooking, eating, talking about, baking, and smelling food. This expands into his love of craft beer. Hailing from South Minneapolis, this Senior Nutrition major can teach you anything you need to know about food.



Health Adviser Description:

Before you can meet with either a Trainer or Nutrition Adviser, you must first meet with a Health Adviser. In charge of helping clients fill out a Health History form and making notes of important medical/physical conditions, the Health Adviser enables the Trainers and Nutrition Advisers to focus on thier respective areas rather than spending time getting client information. Health Adviser sessions help monitor your progress over time as well through electronic body fat readers, pulse, blood pressure, and body weight. The first time you meet with the Health Adviser will be during your initial visit, where the Health Adviser will explain the program to you in more detail. This takes approximately 20 minutes. The Health Advisers are also in charge of booking new clients and checking email. If you get a call from Johnnie Fitness, you will be talking to a Health Adviser.


Andrea Eberhard- Andrea is a Senior Nursing major from Rochester, MN. Her goals after college include working in the ICU, attaining a certification as a Critical Care Registered Nurse, and travelling the world.



Chief Financial Officer Description:

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) makes sure that the financial affairs of Johnnie Fitness are in line. This includes making sure there is enough money to put on fun events for our members, do prize giveaways, and buy new equipment.

 Alex Smisek- Alex "Smeesh" Smisek is a Senior Accounting major who likes sports, hunting, fishing, and the outdoors. From New Prague, MN, Alex is also a big fan of Netflix. This guy really likes to count money. Please help Smeesh out and join Johnnie Fitness so he will have something to count!


Director of Operations Description:

The Director of Operations is the lead manager. They are responsible for making sure the business is running smoothly and efficiently. The Director of Operations also is in charge of advertising for Johnnie Fitness and leading strategic growth.


Ryan Wojciechowski- Ryan "Wojo" Wojciechowski is a Senior Management major and the Founder of Johnnie Fitness. The E-scholars program at CSBSJU helped Ryan create the vision that IS Johnnie Fitness. From Flower Mound, Texas, Ryan is in charge of marketing, but in his spare time he likes biking, sports, skiing, writing, and learning about entrepreneurship.