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Johnnie Fitness

Our Mantra: "Let's Make It Happen"

Johnnie Fitness is a health-focused business located in the Palestra Athletics Center at Saint John's University.  Certified Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, and Health Advisers work in collaboration with our clients to create individualized training plans that help our clients reach their health goals. Johnnie Fitness offers its clients a welcoming community, a unique experience, and a wide range of technology to enhance their experience. Thanks for your support and business! We sincerely appreciate you and we wish you the best of luck in reaching your health goals.

The Johnnie Fitness Process

For a Free Consultation, come to the Palestra, or email us at [email protected].

What makes Johnnie Fitness different?

  • Customers First
    With every decision made about Johnnie Fitness, we always ask ourselves: Will the customers like this? Will it help our clients? Johnnie Fitness wants to offer the best service possible to help you meet your goals in health and in life.
  • High Quality
    We have all the quality of any corporate service, but at a far cheaper price. The levels of certification and ability of the Johnnie Fitness staff equals of that of any of its competitors.
  • Technology
    Using state of the art gym software and equipment enables Johnnie Fitness to create a fun and unique experience for our clients. Every member has their own online profile where they can interact with other members, monitor their progression, and keep their training plans in one area. In addition, equipment like Polar heart monitors and electronic body fat readers are used to provide instantaneous, accurate results.
  • Community
    Health research has shown people are more likely to reach their health goals if they are surrounded by a supportive community. Through online discussion forums, social media, and events, Johnnie Fitness aims to create a sense of community where all are welcome and able to help one another with their health goals.
  • Social Value
    In addition to helping clients in the short run with confidence and better health, Johnnie Fitness wants to teach clients to prepare them for life beyond college. Whether it be proper nutrition or correct exercise technique, you will learn something by using this program.

Who can use this service?

Johnnies, Bennies, Faculty Members, Employees, and anyone else associated with CSBSJU with access to Palestra weight room. Except athletes (Sorry athletes. Check the D3 Rules here). The remarkable ability to customize every training plan enables Johnnie Fitness to meet the needs of every individual. Whether you have a special medical condition, an injury, or some other problem, our trainers will work with you to make sure this issue is addressed in the creation of your training plan.

Where is Johnnie Fitness located?

The Johnnie Fitness office is located in the Palestra Athletics Facility on the first floor near the roadside entrance. We have a front desk office space in the entrance room. In addition, Johnnie Fitness has an office by the rock wall where one-on-one consolations are conducted in a more private setting.

Hours of Operation:

  • Times are varied dependent on client needs, but most of the time there will be at least one or two workers at one of our office locations.
  • Mon - Fri: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sat - Sun: 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Meet the Johnnie Fitness team!

How much does this cost?

After your free first consolation, you begin to pay for your sessions (see process here). With the idea of a customized experience for every person, we made the pricing able to be individualized. YOU pick how many times you want to use the Johnnie Fitness services. We put our customer's first. So rather than force you into a package, we work with you to create your own package. If you want to come in 15 times per month, we are happy to work with you 15 times! If you want to come in for the minimum amount of 2 sessions per month, then we are equally as happy to have you. Everyone has the same "level" of membership, but more time with a Personal Trainer or Nutrition Adviser equals a higher potential for Johnnie Fitness to make an impact in your life (See pricing equation below!)


You will pick how many sessions you want and pay with cash or credit at your first session of each month. There is a minimum amount of 2 sessions per month (You pick which two. We highly recommend at least 1 of each session type).

  • Personal Training - $15 per session (1 Hour)
  • Nutrition Adviser - $7 per session (30 Minutes)

Cost= (# of Nutrition Sessions X $7.00) + (# of PT Sessions X $15.00)