Our Team

Square One is made up of more than a dozen highly dedicated Bennies and Johnnies from all majors and class years. The group is split into two teams: the support team and the traveling team. Square One also has three committees to better divide our work: Youth Empowerment Team, Business Sustainability Team, and Campus Outreach Team. The Youth Empowerment Team is in charge of planning our annual youth camp that we hold at Hope Academy in Kyetume, Uganda. The Business Sustainability Team focuses on designing sustainable businesses to implement in developing countries. The Campus Outreach Team is responsible for building awareness about our group and our work, both on campus and beyond. In addition to our committees, we have a president, Andrew Mueller, and two vice presidents, Dan Anfinson and Colleen Kennedy, that head the group.

Our 2013-2014 Team Members (from left to right):

Back Row - Brooke Oraskovich, Colleen Kennedy, Daniel Hammerseng-Nelson,
Andrew Mueller, Alyssa Overton, and Grant Latanision
Front Row - Maggie Chase, Lauren Guetzke, Morgan McGrath, Amy Olsen,
Daniel Anfinson, Alexandra Latanision, and John Moore
Not Pictured - Benjamin Broos


The Traveling Team

The traveling team -- members who will be traveling to Uganda and Kenya in December 2013-January 2014 to connect with the community, hold our annual youth camp, and research future projects -- includes the following members:

From left to right: John Moore ('15), Alexandra Latanision ('15), Daniel Afinson ('14),
Amy Olsen ('14), Daniel Nelson ('15), and Colleen Kennedy ('13)