Nicole Lindgren

Nicole is a member of the first E-Scholars cohort.  She graduated in 2006 from the College of Saint Benedict with a management major with an emphasis in the areas of entrepreneurship and marketing.   She currently works at the Wayzata Chamber of Commerce in the western area of the Twin Cities.

Nicole and three other members of the E-Scholars created the first student run business on campus, Clemens Perk.  Clemens Perk is a coffee shop located in the Clemens Library on the campus of the College of Saint Benedict.  Nicole became the General Manager of this great business, which was a success during its first 6 months of operations.  Nicole was able to help select the next group of E-Scholars to operate the cofee shop and to transfer her experience to them.

Nicole wrote in her application for the e-scholars program,  "Hard work, determination, and passion are all things that I value highly and strive to practice in my life. In the future I plan to pursue one of my goals of owning my own business or possibly multiple businesses. I am not only motivated to make money but to learn how to be the best person I can be and help others around me. I love people and want to make a difference in the world whether that is by financial donations or participation in worthy causes."