Derick Dehmer

Derick is a senior at Saint John University. He is looking forward to finishing college as an Economics and Accounting double major. After graduation, he expects to find employment in the field of finance while continuing his education. Derick and two other E-Scholars started a small business called Collegville Carpets.  The business provided pre-cut approved carpeting for dorm rooms on the St. John's campus.  One year after the business successfully started, the University carpeted all of the remaining uncarpeted dorms, thus eliminating the market for Collegeville Carpets. Exploration of other college campuses discovered they too had recently carpeted all dorms, or were not interested in helping a non affiliated student business.

In the future he would like to be self employed in an area of interest to him, such as, athletic finance, construction or other fields with ties to the outdoors.  "My proudest moment was when I met my childhood idol, John McEnroe. I had the opportunity to shake John’s hand in Florida."