Entrepreneurial Leadership Series Luncheons


 Five times a year, 120 plus alumni/ae entrepreneurs or professionals supporting entrepreneurs gather at the Minneapolis Club. They come to listen to a peer tell their career story and the current challenges of their industry. This year attendance totaled over 900. Since its beginning ten years ago, nearly 1200 people have attended at least once.

To see a list of past speakers, read their bios or watch or hear their speeches, click here!

Sponsors help make these luncheons possible. Thank you to all our sponsors!

Title Sponsors:  Steve Kennedy with Faegre, Baker, Daniels and Jim Wolford with Atomic 
Signature Sponsors:  CRESA (Tom Sexton),  Merrill Lynch (Jeff Rathmanner & Jeff Kluge) ,  Marsh McLennan Agencies  (Bill Jeatran & Tim Fleming)  and The Capital Advisory Group (Tom Hokr) 

Starting in November 2013, the luncheons will cost $25 per person. Registration for these luncheons can be found linked to this page after the invitation is sent out. Watch your email for the invitation to our next event! The Entrepreneurial Leadership Series Luncheons are by invitation only. To find out how you can be added to the invitation list, contact Kelli Gradin at kgradin@csbsju.edu

To find out how you can become a luncheon sponsor or speaker or more information on how you can volunteer with the McNeely Center, contact the Donald McNeely Center for Entrepreneurship at 320-363-2764 or Kelli Gradin at kgradin@csbsju.edu