Selection Criteria

 Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Selection Criteria

  1. An alum of CSB or SJU
  2. Recognized as an entrepreneur by others,
  3. Mid-career or older, ( but this is not a lifetime achievement award)
  4. Engaged in leadership of a social or business venture now.... Will be more to come in their careers
  5. Demonstrates strong entrepreneurial mindset: creative approaches, willingness to take risks, engages others, faces ambiguity with enthusiasm
  6. Started at least one Venture
  7. At least one venture they started was very successful and the current venture they are engaged in is recognized as a success
  8. Demonstrates Innovation: The candidate has transformed traditional practice through an innovative product, service, approach, or a more rigorous application of known technologies and ideas
  9. The person  actively demonstrates Benedictine values in work and life and embeds those values in the venture(s) they lead: listening with the heart, contribute to and build  community, and see God in all around
  10. The venture they started is guided by values set and modeled by founder
  11. Gives back to community and alma mater