Sample Resumes

Following are a variety of resume samples to provide you with an idea of different styles/formats. Take a look and create your own draft; then have it critiqued by Career Services' staff. (Resumes are posted using Adobe Acrobat.  If you are unable to view the resumes, please use this link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader to your computer.)

Resumes for FY students:
Sample 1

Resumes for FY/SO students:
Sample 1

Resumes for Study Abroad:
Sample 1

Resumes for Students with Relevant Paid/Unpaid Experience:
Sample 1

Resumes for Alums:
Sample 1 (With graduate school experience)
Sample 2 (With "summary")

Providing List of References:
Sample 1

Resume Samples - Targeted Groups:
Sample 1 - Nursing
Sample 2- Nursing  (No objective and format variations)
Sample 3 - Science related (SO/JR - directed to undergraduate research)
Sample 4 - Science related (SR - includes coursework and laboratory skills)
Sample 5 - Science related (directed to 1st job after college)
Sample 6 - Graduate School (1-page format)
Sample 7 - Graduate School (2-page format)
Sample 8 - Education (1-page format)
Sample 9 - Education (2 page format)
Sample 10 - Social Services
Sample 11 - Business/Finance
Sample 12 - Theater