Career Services: Making the most of summer break

With summer break upon us, what can your students do to make the most of their summer break as it relates to their career or continuing education plans?

Summer is a great time to connect with individuals working in fields your student may have an interest in exploring. The CSB/SJU career alumnae/i network files (CANE) have information on alumnae/i working in hundreds of occupations. These alumnae/i are willing to visit with current students to discuss their interests. The CANE files are available to students in the career resource centers on both the CSB and SJU campuses. Encourage your student to develop network contacts in their area of interest.

Obtaining a summer job or internship will offer valuable information in clarifying career goals as well as valuable hands-on experience. This is particularly important for current sophomore and junior students. 

Summer is a great time for students interested in graduate or professional school to research the schools. In addition, students should find out what exams are required and when they are offered, connect with faculty who can serve as potential references and determine a timeline for submission of applications.

For students returning to school in the fall summer is the time to update their resume and LinkedIn profile.

Encourage your student to meet with one of our career counselors before they leave campus for the summer. The Career Services Offices would like to help students develop their summer plans and assist in post-graduation plans.