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CSB/SJU Career Services: choosing a major

Is your son or daughter in the process of choosing a major or changing majors? With registration for classes approaching, we are working with more students as they decide on a major or career path.

Choosing a major isn't necessarily easy or something that happens overnight. Sure, your son/daughter can make the decision quickly, but that may not be in their best interest. Choosing a major is a process that starts with an understanding of self: interests, abilities, personality and values. It then moves into an exploration stage of researching possible majors and careers to find the best one for them.

Here are some resources you can mention to your son or daughter that help with choosing a major:

  •  What Can I Do With a Major In...?: Explore the list the CSB/SJU majors and the wide range of careers alums have pursued after graduation with that major.
  • Alumnae/i Profiles: Read about alums and their career paths after graduation, including what a typical day is like in their career and advice they have for current students.
  •  Career Panels: Watch panels of alums and learn from their experiences as they discuss careers for certain majors. Encourage your son/daughter to attend a Career Exploration Series event and network with the alums serving as panelists.

If your son or daughter has mentioned a concern with choosing a major, please encourage him or her to make an appointment with a career counselor who can help with this process.