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Dr. Chris Southgate Residency

Dr. Southgate is a Research Fellow in Theology at the University of Exeter and also Acting Principal and Dean of Studies for the South-West Church of England ministry program. His main fields of study are the science-religion debate, ecotheology and environmental ethics.

His book The Groaning of Creation: God, Evolution and the Problem of Evil is one of the best studies of the question of evil and the goodness of God (theodicy in theological parlance) in light of evolutionary theory. Chris has also published six collections of poetry, including a verse biography of T.S. Eliot - A Love and its Sounding (Salzburg, 1997). His most recent collection is A Gash in the Darkness (Shoestring Press, 2012). Chris is a wonderful writer who combines a clear look at evil and pain with a wonderfully dry British humor and wit.

Dr. Southgate will be giving a public lecture on Evolution, God, and Evil on Monday the 22nd (7:30 in Quad 264) and a poetry reading and light dinner on Tuesday the 23rd (4:30 at the Pottery). He will also be available to meet with classes on those dates.