Zhanjiang University Visit: Spring 2007

In January of this year, ten students, one professor and one vice president from Zhanjiang Normal University (ZNU) in Guangdong, China spent three weeks at CSB/SJU. ZNU began its relationship with CSB/SJU over ten years ago, when many CSB/SJU alums went to Zhanjiang to teach through the Maryknoll China Service Project. This is the third time that ZNU has sent students and faculty members to our campus, and ZNU has hosted three May Term study groups from CSB/SJU. The senior member of this year’s delegation was Vice President Zhang Lanying. While on campus, Vice President Zhang met with President MaryAnn Baenninger, Provost Rita Knuesel, Dean Joe Desjardins and many other administrators and professors. She expressed her willingness to strengthen the relationship between ZNU and CSB/SJU and to promote more exchanges and cooperation in the future. The student group was led by Professor Sun Weidong of the English Department at ZNU. Their schedule included attending various classes, including Professor Jeanne Cook’s Intercultural Communication class where they played an important role in demonstrating how people from different cultural backgrounds behave and communicate differently. The students also visited the Minnesota State capitol as guests of Senator Mee Moua of Saint Paul, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and Avon Elementary School. Before departing, the group participated in the Asian New Year Celebration sponsored by the Asia Club, performing several songs and dances.