Asian Studies Announces Sr. Telan Hu Scholarship 2007

The Asian Studies Program awarded the Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Wang and S. Telan Hu, OSB Scholarship in Asian Studies for 2006-07 to Jenny Vuong (CSB ‘08) and Joseph John Kane (SJU ‘09). Jenny was a participant in the fall 2006 study abroad program at Southwest University in Chongqing, China, and Joseph will make his study abroad trip to Southwest University in the fall of 2007. Established by Margaret Man-Hwa Wang in memory of her parents, Mr. Jung-Chun Wang and Mrs. Jui-Chin Liao Wang, who spent a lifetime supporting needy students around the island of Taiwan; this endowed scholarship also honors the three decades of dedicated service by S. Telan Hu, OSB to Asian Studies at CSB/SJU and commemorates her Golden Jubilee as a Benedictine sister in July 2005. The need-based scholarship honors students’ commitment to Chinese language, culture, and service.