Brian Heilman Returning to India

Brian Heilman, Global Education Associate in the CSB/SJU Center for International Education, has recently accepted a 2007-2008 Service Corps Fellowship from the American India Foundation (AIF). The Service Corps Fellowship is, according to the AIF’s website, "a selective program that builds bridges between America and India by sending talented and skilled young Americans to work with leading non-governmental organizations in India for a period of ten months. The program serves as an exchange of technical skills and intellectual resources which aims to build the capacity of Indian NGOs while developing American leaders with an understanding of India."

In late May, Heilman will leave the Center for International Education to spend the summer in language training in preparation for the fellowship placement, which will begin in September. This will be Heilman’s third human-rights focused trip to India in the past three years. Upon completing this fellowship, Heilman hopes to enter graduate school in the field of South Asian Studies, with long-term goals in both academic and development-oriented areas of this field. To learn more about the Service Corps Fellowship, you may visit