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Japan Connections

  • Justin S. Brooks (SJU '16), Teaching Abroad (Okisho) Email: 
  • Kaileigh B. Nicklas (CSB '15), English Teacher (Orden Bunka Center) Email: [email protected] 
  • Courtney C. Kimball (CSB '13), Preschool Teacher (Kinder Kids International in Japan)         Email: [email protected]
  • Frederick Jones, Jr. (SJU '13), Teacher (Global Kids Gardern Japan) Email: [email protected]
  • Pisenny Xiong (CSB '13), English Teacher (Shogaku HS) Email: [email protected]
  • Tom Kain (SJU '05) minored in Asian Studies and wrote a senior History thesis on President Theodore Roosevelt's mediation of the 1905 Portsmouth Treaty (which concluded the Russo-Japanese War).  It was published in Wittenberg University's Journal of East Asian Studies, a preeminent journal of undergraduate Asian Studies scholarship.  He studied in Japan, taught in Okinawa, and completed his M.A. in East Asian Studies at Sophia University in March 2008. 
  • Aaron Toussaint (SJU '05), minored in Asian Studies, studied in Japan, taught in Okinawa, worked at BGU, and has completed graduate studies at Sophia University.
  • Chad Reker (SJU '05) taught in China and Japan and is currently employed in BGU's International Programs Office.
  • Anna Murayama (CSB '04), who came to CSB through our institutional ties to Okinawa's Shogaku High School, obtained her M.A. degree at Japan's prestigious Tokyo University in May 2008 and assists Minnesotans to maintain contacts in Okinawa.
  • Yoshimi Nakada (CSB '03) is employed by Medtronic, Tokyo, in market relations.
  • Yumi Hirayama (CSB '03) works in BGU's International Programs Office.
  • Chinatsu Inage (CSB '03) is employed by Air France in Tokyo.
  • Damon Ter Haar (SJU '02) taught for Maryknoll in China, took an M.A. in International Business at Saint Mary's University of Minnesota, and works for Goldman Sachs in Tokyo. 
  • Damon Terhaar (SJU '00) taught in China and now works for Goldman Sachs in Tokyo.
  • Kiyoko Terhaar (CSB '00) has worked in BGU's International Programs office.
  • Naomi Nakada (CSB '00) share Japanese culture with pre-schoolers at St. David's School in Minneapolis before returning to Tokyo, where she taught at ABC International School prior to completing her M.A. in Early Childhood Development.