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Why Choose Asian Studies?

The Asian Studies Program prepares students for engaged global citizenship and life-long professional involvement with Asian societies through focused interdisciplinary study of the civilizations of Asia.  The program offers students a wide variety of opportunities for robust intellectual engagement with the arts, economics and business, history, literature, politics, philosophy and religion of the many cultures and nations of Asia.  This coursework is augmented by significant opportunities for experiential learning, including study abroad programs in Asia as well as internship and service-learning opportunities available locally, nationally, and internationally.  The Program collaborates with the Department of Languages and Cultures to provide students the opportunity for up to three years of language study in Chinese or Japanese.  It aspires to add expertise in South, Southeast Asian and Middle-Eastern languages.

Members of the Asian Studies faculty have rich and diverse scholarly interests that reach from ancient times to the present, from the Persian Gulf to the Indian subcontinent, South-east Asia, China and Japan.  The Program cultivates vital interdisciplinary relationships with other departments, programs and centers of learning at CSB/SJU.  Program faculty members seek to inspire the entire CSB/SJU community to develop a deeper awareness and understanding of how interdependent we are with Asian societies. 

The Asian Studies Program actively promotes the educational mission of CSB/SJU through its efforts to facilitate open minded engagement with the peoples of Asia.  By encouraging students, faculty, staff and the larger community to listen to the voices and experiences of Asian traditions and cultural practices the Program aims to foster growth in wisdom and the capacity for reflective leadership.

Contact Us

Professor Sophia Geng
Director of Asian Studies
CSB Richarda P30
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John's University

Norma Koetter
Program Coordinator
CSB Richarda N10
College of Saint Benedict
Saint John's University