Jobs and Internships

Careers After Graduation

Careers selected by CSB/SJU art majors are as varied as the students themselves. While about 20 to 30 percent of art graduates pursue graduate work in art, art history or architecture, many students begin their first career positions soon after graduation.

For example, art education majors become elementary or high school art teachers. Studio art majors interested in design might accept positions with commercial design firms or with the public relations, art or marketing departments of large corporations. Many art graduates go to work on the staffs of magazines or advertising agencies as layout artists, photo editors or art directors. Some art or art history majors have become museum curators. Recent trends indicate that more students with art majors eventually go to graduate school. Please visit with the CSB/SJU Career Office for more information.


Art department faculty encourage students to pursue their particular interests through in-depth off-campus internships. Sites of recent internships include:

  • commercial art galleries
  • advertising agencies
  • professional art galleries and museums
  • high school art departments
  • elementary school art programs

Please visit the CSB/SJU Internship Office for more information.