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Art Studio Major

Drawing Workshop

Concentration in Studio Art (48 Credits)
For Art course descriptions, see the Academic Course Catalog.

  • ART 118, Design 2D/4D Arts (4)
  • ART 119, 3D Arts/Drawing (4)
  • ART 108, Introduction to Western Art History (4)
  • ART 248, Sophomore Topics (4) Offered Fall Semester
  • ART 208, Non Western Art History or other 200 or 300 Non Western art history class
    12 credits selected from the 200 and/or 300 level Studio courses with at least 4 credits at the 300 level
  • ART 300, Modern Contemporary Art (4)
  • ART 344, Critical Theory (4) Offered Fall semester
  • ART 351, Senior Studio Thesis Part I  (4) Offered Fall Semester
  • Art 352, Senior Studio Thesis Part II (4) Offered Spring Semester

Special Requirements
A portfolio review precedes admission to the department. A senior exhibition is required for graduation. (48 credits)

Students are encouraged to avoid narrow specialization and select a broad range of subjects, ie painting, sculpture, printmaking, etc. Prerequisits for Art 351: all 100 and 200 level requirements for the major. Prerequisites for Art 344 Critical Theory: Art 300 Modern and Contemporary Art History.

List of course descriptions