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Cadet Battalion Staff

Students First, Cadets Second, Successful Always
Interested in finding out what other Cadets think of the Fighting Saints ROTC Battalion? Here's where you can learn about the ROTC experience from motivated students just like you.

Cadet Branden Schorr
Cadet Battalion Commander
Cadet Schorr is from Mantorville, MN Kasson where he attended Mantorville HS. He currently wrestles for St. John's University, and volunteers on the St. John's EMT Squad. Branden will graduate in 2017 with a Bachelor's of Science Nursing.
"My 4 years in ROTC have given me the opportunity to challenge myself , develop as a leader and touch greatness in ways that I never expected."

Cadet Stephen Uphus
Cadet Executive Officer
Cadet Uphus attended Hill-Murray High School in Maplewood, MN. He is involved in Psychology Club, Ranger Challenge, KU Buddy, and intramural softball.
"ROTC has taught me that being a barrel chested freedom fighter and leading others is not just about spending brass and kicking in doors, but rather working as a team and building camaraderie amongst your fellow soldier brethren to reach a desired end state."

Cadet Sydney Sperling
Cadet Sergeant Major
Cadet Sperling attended White Bear Lake High School She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology with a pre-physician's assistant concentration at the College of Saint Benedict. She is involved in AKS Service Sorority, Pre-PA club, and volunteers as a Special Olympics bowling coach. Cadet Sperling participates in Ranger Challenge and Bataan.
"ROTC has given me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people as I learn to overcome both physical and mental obstacles. It has taught me to be the best leader and person I can be while working together as a team."

Cadet Virginia Todd
Cadet S-1/Personnel
Cadet Todd is from Cary, North Carolina. She graduated in 2013 from Saint Mary's School in Raleigh, NC. She is a frequent color guard volunteer, was on the Fundraising Committee her Junior year, and is now on the FLRC Committee. Cadet Todd is a Nutrition major, and plans to focus on Public Health after college.
"I never knew that one decision would open up so many opportunities. Being in this program taught me more about how I can push myself past what I thought I was capable of. I've learned a lot from my previous mentors, and I've enjoyed passing it on to the cadets I mentor. This program is about being a part of something bigger than yourself, and I am proud to be an FSB Cadet."

Cadet Smith
Cadet Asst S-1/Personnel
Cadet Smith attended Crete-Monee High School in Crete, Illinois. He is currently attending St. Cloud State University and is pursuing a degree in Biomedical Science. He hopes to continue his education at dental school after graduation.
"Over the years, ROTC has forced me to refine my ability to lead effectively and efficiently. Without a program like this I would not be in the place I am today."

Cadet Grant Sampica
Cadet S2/Battalion Intelligence Officer
Cadet Sampica is from Champlin, Minnesota. In his college career, Cadet Sampica has played intramural volleyball and ran the Bataan Death March Marathon twice. He currently is a member of the St Cloud State Honors Program and is majoring in Biology.
"I have wanted to be involved in ROTC since high school. It has given me such a good college experience and will prepare me for any challenges I will encounter in the future"

Cadet James Roberts
Cadet S-3/ Operations
Cadet Roberts attended Cambridge-Isanti High School in Cambridge, MN and is a part of the Minnesota National Guard, assigned to the 1135th Combat Support Company. He is majoring in Community Psychology for counseling and therapy at Saint Cloud State University and participates in Army Ten-Miler and the Bataan Death March.
"ROTC has given me the opportunity to take the path less traveled that separates the ambitious from the faint-hearted. 5 out of 5 stars. Would Cadet Again."

Cadet Sutlief
Cadet Asst. S-3/ Operations
Cadet Adam Sutlief Graduated from Browerville Public High School and is currently majoring in Finance at St. John's University. He wrestles for St. John's University, and is also participating in intramural Football, Softball, and Dodgeball. Cadet Sutlief has also participated in KU.
"ROTC has created an opportunity to better prepare myself and learn to manage my time more efficiently. Since I have been in ROTC Fighting Saints Battalion I have created relationships that will last a lifetime. ROTC has helped me further my teamwork and leadership as an individual to further improve the Army in the near future."

Cadet Bymark
Cadet S-4/ Logistics
Cadet Bymark attended high school in Brainerd, MN. He currently participates in several intramural sports including hockey, softball, and football and has won championships in both football and dodgeball. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biology with a focus in Pre-Medicine and minor in chemistry.
"After joining ROTC I believe I started setting higher expectations for myself physically and academically; and the skills I acquired throughout the various training events helped me meet and exceed my expectations."

Cadet Koop
Cadet Asst. S-4/ Logistics
Cadet Koop is from Roseville, MN. He is a GBUS major at Saint John's University. Cadet Koop is involved in the Trap Shooting and Fishing clubs and is a Field Training Officer for SJU Life Safety. He plans to branch Military Police.
"Your soldiers don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."

Cadet Malia Carson
Cadet S-5/ Public Affairs
Cadet Carson is a graduate of Vilseck High School on an Army base in Germany and her army brat status makes answering the hometown question too complicated. She has participated on the Army 10 Miler team, the Female Ranger Challenge Team, the Army Cultural Understanding Language Program in Thailand, and studied abroad in India for the Spring of 2014. She is involved with ETL, a student documentary team on campus, volunteers for the EMT squad, and plays rugby. She is majoring in Sociology with a global health focus and will be traveling to Morocco for the UNFCCC COP22 to study the military's involvement in climate caused global disasters.
"Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way." -George S. Patton Jr.

Cadet Kline
Cadet Asst. S-5/ Public Affairs
Cadet Kline is from Fort Belvoir, VA. Cadet Kline studies program communication at Saint Cloud State University with a leadership/organizational/relational emphasis. She has participated as the signature events coordinator for first year transitions to her college.
"ROTC and the Army itself have taught me a whole new perspective of discipline and comradery."

Cadet Alec Schwartz
A Co Cadet Training Officer
Cadet Schwartz attended Saint Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, MN. He is currently involved in Square One, intramural football and softball. He is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology with a pre-medicine focus and plans to continue onto medical school after graduation.
"ROTC has really given me the chance to change my life for the better. It has taught me discipline, self-motivation, determination, and leadership. Without ROTC my life would not be nearly developed as it is now."

Trevor Brink
B Company Training Officer
Bio: Cadet Brink grew up in Elk River, MN and attends St. Cloud State where he studies Criminal Justice. He has participated in Ranger Challenge, Bataan, and Army 10 miler. Cadet Brink also serves in the MN National Guard and intends to branch Quartermaster.
Quote: "If the mind believes, the body will achieve."

Cadet Kimberly Beltz
Cadet Beltz graduated from White Bear Lake Area High School, in White Bear Lake, MN. She is a Nutrition Dietetics major and is currently serving in the Minnesota National Guard. Beltz has participated in Ranger Challenge for the past two years and wants to branch Medical Services.
"ROTC has taught me discipline and how to be a strong confident female leader"

Cadet Jeff DuFrene
B Co Cadet ROO/Recruiting
Cadet DuFrene graduated from the Owatonna Senior High in southern Minnesota. He is pursuing a degree in Spanish and a minor in Criminal Justice at THE Saint Cloud State University. He has captained several intramural teams in basketball and football. He is a returning senior to Ranger Challenge looking for one last shot at glory. He enjoys sipping doctored sweet tea and annual visits to the ER.
"ROTC has helped me become a better person, soldier, and leader because you are surrounded by people who are taking life by the horns. That's motivating."

Cadet Collin Joyce
Chief of Situational Training Exercise (STX) Committee
Cadet Joyce attended Hirschi High School in Wichita Falls, TX. He is currently a History and Political Science double major. CDT Joyce participates in Ranger Challenge and KU Ranger Buddy Challenge. Outside of ROTC, CDT Joyce is the Campus Ambassador for the U.S. Peace Corps and helps to recruit volunteers from the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University.
"ROTC has given me the tools to become a better leader while providing me with experiences to challenge myself physically, mentally, and emotionally."

Cadet Natalie Shaft
Chief of Land Navigation Committee
Cadet Shaft is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota and is pursuing a finance degree at Saint Cloud State University. She is involved in intramural sports, volunteers as a youth group leader at the Newman Center on campus and works as a nanny for a family with three children. Cadet Shaft has participated in Ranger Challenge, Ranger Buddy and the female Bataan Death March team.
"Army ROTC has taught me how to put others first, work as a team and stay highly motivated in everything I work to accomplish."

CDT Teddy Erickson
Chief of Regimental Orders Committee and ATM captain
CDT Erickson is from Annandale Minnesota where he attended Annandale High School. He wrestles for Saint John's University where he qualified for the national tournament in 2016. He is a Nutrition major and has been part of the winning Army Ten Mile team two times as a freshman and Sophomore.
"What is best in life?" "Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentation of their women."

Cadet Ryan Schumacher
Chief of First Aid Committee
Cadet Schumacher is a nursing major from Eagan, MN and graduated from Trinity School at River Ridge. He has participated in Army 10 Mile and the ROTC Light and Co-ed Bataan Death March teams.
"ROTC has given me the unique opportunity to challenge myself physically and academically while balancing rigorous leadership development with the traditional college experience."

Cadet Agbonkhese
Chief of Fundraising Committee
Cadet Agbonkhese is from Brooklyn Park and originally Nigeria. She is a criminal justice major and a psychology minor. Cadet Agbonkhese has been involved with the National Society of Collegiate scholars, serves as the president of the Judo club (martial arts), plays rugby, and is the treasurer for the SCSU women's choir. She enjoys taking part in sporting activities, singing, dancing, hanging out with friends, etc.
"The ultimate freedom we have as humans beings is the power to select what we will allow our minds to dwell upon..." -Dallas Willard

Jacob Schwanz
Ranger Challenge captain/ Valor leader
Cadet Schwanz is from Forest Lake MN. He has been an Eagle Scout, UNFCCC delegate and has had the privilege to attend a variety of military leadership development courses including WHINSC, Airborne and DTLT. Schwanz is a biology major and environment studies minor who enjoys the outdoors and reading Scripture.
"I am among the top CDTs in the nation. Being able to train and compete with them gives me the motivation to push myself well beyond the boundaries of my own personal comfort. Through sacrifice, I have the joy of learning what it means to be a servant leader."

Cadet Austin Nuttall
Land Nav Committee
Cadet Nuttall is from Rochester, Minnesota. He has participated in the Cybercore and Cybersecurity Club, even competing in the Collegiate Cyber Defence Competition. He is a member of the Minnesota National Guard and majors in information technology security.
"Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren't used to an environment where excellence is expected." - Steve Jobs