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Cadet Battalion Staff

Students First, Cadets Second, Successful Always
Interested in finding out what other Cadets think of the Fighting Saints ROTC Battalion? Here's where you can learn about the ROTC experience from motivated students just like you.

Cadet Holly Spitzer
Cadet Battalion Commander

Cadet Spitzer graduated from Holy Family High School, Broomfield, Colorado. She is attending the College of Saint Benedict where she plans to receive a Bachelor's degree in Biology. She plans to continue her education by going to medical school after graduation and commissioning. Cadet Spitzer participates in Ranger Challenge, KU Ranger Buddy Competition, and Bataan.

"ROTC has developed me as a leader by challenging me and giving me the tools and opportunities to improve myself." 

Cadet Jennifer Metzler
Cadet Executive Officer

Cadet Metzler is a graduate of Peshtigo High Scool and is currently majoring in Finance at Saint Cloud State University. Recently Cadet Metzler participated in the Annual Army Ten Miler and was a member of the Fighting Saint's Battalion's Bataan Death March Co-Ed marathon team, which came in 1st place!

"Without ROTC, I do not think I would have gained extensive leadership skills by just being a normal college student. Over the past four years, I have been able to build life lasting relationships with other cadets and be a part of something much bigger than myself. Being able to help younger cadets in their journey to become an officer has been so rewarding."

Cadet John Geier
Cadet Command Sergeant Major

Cadet Geier is a graduate of Mahtomedi High School and is currently majoring in Finance at Saint John's University. He is currently serving in the Minnesota National Guard and has been branched in the Transportation Corps.

"ROTC has taught me discipline, initiative, and hard work."

Cadet Maclane Campbell
S-1 / Personnel

Cadet Campbell went to Roseville Area High School in Roseville, Minnesota. He is a psychology major at Saint John's University. He has participated in Ranger Challenge, KU Ranger Buddies, and played varsity hockey. 

"ROTC has been important to me because I also knew that I wanted to serve my country, receive a college education, and have the necessary leadership skills needed to be an officer and use them in the civilian world as well." 

Cadet Tabitha Bode
Cadet Asst. 
S-1 / Personnel

Cadet Bode attended Wild Rose High School in Wild Rose, WI. She attends SCSU and will graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis on television journalism. Throughout her ROTC career thus far, she has been president of the AUSA Vessey Sub-Chapter, a participant in the Army Ten-Miler and president of the fundraising committee. She has also raced snowmobile professionally, ranking 3rd nationally. 

"ROTC has pushed me in ways I never thought possible, both physically and mentally. Because of that, I am able to manage my time much better and I now know what kind of leader I want to be for my future Soldiers." 

Cadet Adam Reznick
Cadet S-3 / Operations

Cadet Reznick graduated from Holy Family Catholic High School, MN. He is attending SJU where he plans on receiving a Bachelor's in Global Business Leadership. Cadet Reznick participates in Ranger Challenge. 

Cadet Logan Dimmick
Cadet S-4 / Logistics

Cadet Dimmick graduated from Guam High School, Guam. He is attending Saint John's University where he plans on receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Cadet Dimmick has participated in Ranger Challenge and Bataan. 

"ROTC has provided me with experiences that most college students never receive. It has given me confidence in my leadership abilities and the confidence to work with superiors and peers alike to complete tasks at hand." 

Cadet Natalie Shaft
Cadet Asst. S-4 / Logistics 

Cadet Shaft attended Washington High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, where she grew up. Her major is Finance and she wants to work as a financial advisor after college. She played softball at Saint Cloud for a year and a half and then decided to take the Army as a career path. She enlisted in the National Guard and attended basic training and AIT and then became a contracted cadet with the Fighting Saints. She has been involved with the Ranger Challenge and Ranger Buddy competitions through ROTC as well as volunteering for various events.

"ROTC is important to me because it is teaching me valuable life and leadership skills that will benefit me in the long run." 

Cadet Michelle Tabor
Cadet S-5 / Public Affairs

Cadet Tabor grew up in Redwood Falls, MN and graduated from Redwood Valley High School in 2011. Her major is Communication Arts and Literature, and she hopes to one day become a middle school teacher, with an emphasis on English as a Second Language. This year, CDT Tabor holds the Command Sergeant Major position which concentrates on professionalism and military bearing during all events, including color guards and physical training. 

"ROTC has pushed me above and beyond my comfort zone, and for that I am incredibly grateful. I have learned how to look at the bigger picture and lead in a way that will benefit my entire team; in doing this, I have found the confidence to stand behind my decision and to carry out successful missions. Everything, including mistakes, are learning points in this program, and shapes us into the leaders we will soon become." 

Cadet Renee Shaw
Cadet Asst. S-5 / Public Affairs

Cadet Shaw is a graduate of Forest Lake High School and is currently majoring in Nutrition and Dietetics at the College of Saint Benedict. She was on the Female Range Challenge Team for three years in a row and served as the Captain of the Female Bataan Death March Team which came in 3rd place.

"ROTC has taught me how to be a leader and work as a team." 

Cadet Grant Christian
A Company Training Officer

Cadet Christian graduated from Apple Valley High School, MN, in 2012. He is attending Saint John's University where he currently pursues two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Economics and German. Cadet Christian is currently on the Army Ten-Miler Team, and has participated on the Ranger Challenge and Bataan teams. Cadet Christian is the German Club President, a member of Johnnie Blend Male Acapella group, an Orientation Leader, First Years Forward Mentor, German TA and Tutor, Land Stewardship Laborer in the Arboretum, and he plays intramural soccer, kickball, racquetball, and volleyball. Upon graduation, Cadet Christian intends to branch Military Intelligence.

"ROTC has opened up a multitude of opportunities to meet incredible people, travel the world, improve myself both physically and mentally, and has given me the confidence to become an Army Officer." 

Cadet Joseph Phillippi
B Company Training Officer

Cadet Phillippi grew up in Shoreview, MN and attended Hill-Murray High School in Maplewood. He is studying Finance at SCSU. As a student at SCSU, he played on the Men's Hockey team and is a member of the Husky Growth Fund. CDT Phillippi has participated in Ranger Challenge for the FSB. 

"Joining ROTC with the Fighting Saints Battalion has made me realize my strengths and weaknesses in my leadership ability. Necessary skills have been developed throughout my time in the classroom and in the various opportunities I have had to attend special schools and training opportunities. When it is my turn to become a Platoon Leader in the US Army, I am ready to handle all the situations that will come my way." 

Cadet Micayla Westendorf
A Company Cadet Recruiting Operations

Cadet Westendorf attended Proctor High School in Duluth, MN. She currently runs track at the College of St. Benedict and participates in intramural volleyball, volunteering as a Special Olympics swim coach, and is a First Years Forward Freshmen mentor. She is pursuing a bachelor's degree in Biology with a pre-medicine concentration. Cadet Westendorf participates in Ranger Challenge.  

"ROTC has given me the tools to become a better leader while providing me with experiences to challenge myself physically, mentally, and emotionally." 

Cadet Sydney Sperling
A Company Asst. Cadet Recruiting Operations

Cadet Sperling attended White Bear Lake High School. She is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology with a pre-physician's assistant concentration at the College of Saint Benedict. She is involved in AKS Service Sorority and Pre-PA Club on campus. Cadet Sperling participates in Ranger Challenge.

"ROTC has given me the opportunity to meet extraordinary people as well as learning to overcome both physical and mental obstacles. It has taught me to be the best leader and person I can be while working together as a team."  

Cadet Douglas Verhal
B Company Cadet Recruiting Operations

Cadet Verhal is a graduate of Fairmount High School and is currently majoring in Psychology at Saint Cloud State University. In addition to being a Cadet, he serves in the Minnesota National Guard.

"Work hard and others will follow."

Cadet Paul Knaak
Chief of Situational Training Exercise (STX) Committee

Cadet Knaak grew up in Scandia, Minnesota, and graduated from Stillwater Area High School. He attends St. John's University where he is a history major. He participates in Ranger Challenge, and is a Captain on the St. John's swim team. He also participates in the Honors program at CSBSJU and is a Fulbright Summer Institute Participant.

"Army ROTC has instilled in my strong senses of both discipline and selfless service. In many ways the two are interconnected; once I began to see myself as part of a larger organization striving towards a greater purpose, my personal struggles became much more manageable and I developed significantly as a leader."

Cadet Benjamin Larson
Chief of Land Navigation Committee

Cadet Larson attended Totino-Grace High School in Fridley, MN. He currently attends SCSU and is earning a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. He intends to branch Armor, Infantry, or Military Police. He is involved with Ranger Challenge.

"ROTC is very important to me because it has taught me leadership skills that I couldn't have found anywhere else. ROTC has given me the opportunity to become a future leader of the world's greatest Army for the world's greatest nation."

Cadet Alexander McDounough
Chief of Regimental Orders Committee

Cadet McDounough was born in Louisville, Colorado and graduated from high school in Elk River, Minnesota. Currently he is majoring in Art at Saint Cloud State University and is the Treasurer for our AUSA subchapter. He has been involved in the Army Ten Miler, Ranger Challenger, Bataan Death March, KU, intramural dodgeball, and wrestling during his time in ROTC.

"ROTC is the reason why I have been successful in everything I do. I knew from the start of high school I would join the military. But I never thought I would be on a path to be an officer and a future platoon leader. I've gained tremendous confidence, mental sharpness and mental toughness. Because of this I feel even more ready to lead an infantry platoon once I get through IBOLC than ever before."

Cadet Ella Cameron
Chief of First Aid Committee

Cadet Cameron attended Mayo High School in Rochester, Minnesota. She is working to earn a degree in Nursing from the College of St. Benedict and hoping to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and become an officer in the Army Nursing Corps. She is involved in the Army Ten Miler in ROTC.

"ROTC has taught me a lot about the importance of good leadership and mentorship for a successful organization. I have been given multiple opportunities that have challenged me physically, mentally, and emotionally, and I have been taught the importance of holding myself to a higher standard every day." 

Cadet Colin Berg
Army Ten-Miler & Bataan Team Captain

Cadet Berg graduated from Jack Britt High School in Fayetteville, NC. He is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Communication at St. John's University. He is involved in the St. John's Senate and First Year Orientation.

"ROTC has greatly improved my life by giving me a level of discipline, fitness, and respect that I wouldn't have been able to find elsewhere. It has taught me the importance of teamwork and problem-solving skills which will be applicable in both the military and civilian world."

Cadet Terra Schmidt
Chair of Fundraising Committee

Cadet Schmidt attended White Bear Lake High School in 2007 and is originally from Hugo, MN. She will graduate this year with a bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and plans to branch Aviation in the Minnesota National Guard. Her philosophy is to work hard because anything easy isn't usually worth having. She has competed in Ranger Challenge.

"ROTC has taught me versatility, flexibility, and how to become a balanced leader. A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Their success is my success."