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Scheduled Thesis Defenses

Here are the Thesis Defense Presentations currently scheduled for the Spring 2017 semester:

PresenterDate, Time, and LocationPresentation Title

Libby Cronican

March 30, 4:00 PM in Quad 361

"Respecting Dignity in the Long-Term Care of Actively Dying Residents"

Emma Christensen

April 4, 3:30 PM in PENGL 248

"Pattern Avoidance in Set Partitions"

Kalia Vang

April 11, 4:00 PM in Simons G40

"The Effects of Historical Trauma and Gender on National Identity within the Hmong Diaspora"

Shilei Lin

April 13, 4:30 PM in PENGL 214

"High performance preconditioners in partial differential equations computations"

Sydni Andruskiewicz

April 14, 4:00 PM, Location TBD

"Hibernator and Non-hibernator Responses to Acute Changes in Water Intake"

Tim Immelman

April 18, 4:15 PM in HAB 101

"Who wants to join? The relationship of social network variation on happiness in emerging adulthood"

Jon Blomquist

April 20, 1:15 PM in HAB 128A

"Three Player GEN on Groups"

Madeline Cochran

April 27, 10:00 AM in SJU Art Building Lecture Hall

"Printing Patterns & Stitching Forms: Craft's Transformation into Contemporary Art through the Female Perspective"

Alexis Bernstein

April 27, 11:00 AM in SJU Art Building Lecture Hall

"A Place You Feel Strong: Bones as a medium for cyanotype printing and the strength found through connection to location"