All College Thesis Deadlines for 2017 Graduates

Senior Year – Fall

  1. If you haven’t turned in a proposal, October 15 is the absolute deadline. No proposals will be accepted after that date.
  2. Register for HONR 398 if you are taking it in the spring.

Senior Year – Spring

  1. Complete drafts are due to committee members by the end of March or at least ten days before your scheduled defense, whichever is earlier.
  2. All defenses need to be scheduled on or before April 22. The online form should be filled out as soon as you agree on a date with your committee.
  3. The final draft is due on the last day of classes. Please turn in the full draft in hard copy to Mary Tamm, Quad 451. Be sure the copy includes the signature page. Please turn in an abstract page and electronic copy to the library by the last day of classes. Details on how to do this are found here. Questions can be directed to Diana Symons, [email protected].
  4. The All College Thesis Luncheon is held on the Friday before graduation. The Outstanding Thesis Award is presented at the luncheon.