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Fly-in Weekend Program Testimonials

Name: Raj Chaphalkar
Hometown: Lansing, Michigan
Major/Minor: Pre-Medicine, Music

Experiencing Campus

I sat in on a First-Year Symposium class, as well as a Chamber Choir rehearsal. I also saw a Johnnie basketball game and went snowshoeing by the lake with my host.   I actually already knew my host from a summer camp that we had both been in at Saint John's. It was really neat to see the way he lived in the residence hall and get a picture of what my own college experience would be like. I also liked meeting his friends on his floor and feeling included in the strong sense of community that was so clearly important to the students on campus. It was also interesting meeting prospective students from across the country. We talked about each others' interests and what other schools we were looking at, but the coolest part was sharing the CSB/SJU experience with them. Together we learned new things about the campuses and about student life that really intrigued us. Some of these students from Fly-In Weekend are my good friends today.

Arranging My Visit

My admission representative worked very closely with my parents to schedule the visit, and he even met with a travel agent to set my individual flight itinerary. CSB/SJU paid for half of my plane ticket which was really awesome too!

Impact on College Choice

CSB/SJU were in my top choices even before I flew to campus for the Fly-in Weekend Program. The welcome I received was incredible, and getting to see the schools during the heart of the semester was a really great opportunity for me. The nice scholarship package I was awarded after my visit sealed the deal!