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Raft U Videos

Welcome to Raft U!

Welcome to Raft University-an oh-so-small branch campus of the College of Saint Benedict (CSB) and Saint John's University (SJU)!

Get Outdoors
Raft U is a great place to experience the outdoors in all seasons--winter, spring, summer and fall. And, it turns out, CSB/SJU students are willing to take the plunge in any season! Just watch the video.
The making of the Raft U Academics shot

Did we really haul 16 desks, a chalkboard, a table and a professor to Raft U to teach a class? Yes, we did. At CSB/SJU we'll do anything to make sure our classes are small, engaging and creative. Just ask Dr. Derek Larson, the CSB/SJU environmental studies professor teaching that class.

The making of the Raft U Athletics shots

If you visit CSB/SJU you will see that our exceptional athletic facilities are much larger than The Raft and some of the finest in the region. In fact, Sports Illustrated has called SJU, "one of the top ten places in the country to watch college football." But for the sake of a good photograph, we had a great time engaging in some friendly competition on our floating field/court and only a handful of players fell overboard.

The Raft Kick

While our football stadium is legendary for hosting games that end with our screaming fans swarming the playing field, athletic events on The Raft are just as exciting.

Superfans on The Raft!
We do have "official" cheerleaders helping you cheer on Raft U athletics, but you'll love it so much here that you will feel like cheering too! Face paint is optional.
Fine Arts on The Raft

With exceptional art, music and theater departments, Raft U rhythmically rocks to the sound waves of student ensembles, drips in the drama of theater productions, and splashes in the vibrancy of great art.

Choir on The Raft

Raft U provides CSB/SJU music and theater students with the perfect platform on which to perform, and the acoustics couldn't be more state-of-the-art. Yes, our choir members will venture off for a national tour each year and an international tour every three years, but when all is said and done there's no place like The Raft.

A Raft U symphony orchestra performance

Sit back and prepare to have the waves of music emminating from Raft U's symphony orchestra lull you into a state of utter contentment.

The making of The Raft symphony orchestra shot

In real life CSB/SJU have two of the finest and largest performance facilities in the region to house their symphony orchestra. Still, you can't beat the view from The Raft.

Theater production on The Raft

Just because it's not on dry land doesn't mean Raft U isn't well-rounded. Engaging classrooms, exciting athletics, outdoor opportunities and drama are all part of daily life on The Raft.

Life After The Raft
Graduation at The Raft is a big deal. It's a time to celebrate a great four years, and look forward to a lifetime ahead.