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PLEASE NOTE: Due to technical difficulties, today's chat has been cancelled. We apologize for the inconvenience and will be rescheduling in the very near future.

Thank you for joining our online financial aid presentation and chat event! A few instructions to make sure you are able to fully participate:

1) Make sure you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer.

  • Internet Explorer does not support our chat software. You might be able to enter the chat room via Internet Explorer but you won't be able to see the chat in progress, post questions, or listen to our presentation. Please join the chat via another browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari are all supported). You can download Chrome here.

2) To enter the chat room you will enter your student's name and that's how you will be identified in the chat room.

  • Chat invites are attached to student records. So if you have a son or daughter considering CSB/SJU, it is his or her name you will enter on the registration form, and that is the identifying name that will show up in the chat room.

3) There will be a short presentation at the beginning of the chat (11:30 a.m. Central Time) so make sure the volume is turned up on your computer. Not able to hear our presentation? Possible reasons:

  • Are you on a work computer? Perhaps your IT Department has permissions in place that don't allow you to access sound. Consider asking your Help Desk to temporarily remove any restrictions.
  • Your internet browser may have security restrictions. Try joining our chat in a different browser. Our chat will work well on most browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) with the exception of Internet Explorer.
  • Make sure the sound is not muted on your computer.
    • Open your system menu or settings to make sure the sound is not muted or turned down.
    • Some laptops have mute switches or keys on their keyboards - try pressing that key to see if it unmutes the sound.You should also check that you have not muted the application that you are using to play sound (for example, your music player or movie player). The application may have a mute or volume button in its main window, so check that.

4) It is recommended that you listen to the presentation portion of our event on a desktop or laptop computer rather than a personal mobile device. 

  • While you can participate in the online chat portion of our event on a mobile device, you will not be able to access the sound portion. 

Enter chat room