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Students From All Around the World

The CSB/SJU community is enriched by students from countries around the world. CSB/SJU enroll 180 international students from more than 30 countries, creating a culturally diverse global experience on campus.

Countries Represented in Last Five Years


Australia Guatemala Poland
Austria Guyana Romania
Bahamas Haiti Russia
Bangladesh Hong Kong Rwanda
Belize India                         Saipan
Bolivia Iraq Saudi Arabia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Ireland Senegal
Brazil Italy Serbia and Montenegro
Burma (Myanmar) Ivory Coast Singapore
Burundi Jamaica Somalia
Cameroon Japan South Africa
Canada Kenya South Korea
Chile Kosovo Sri Lanka
China Latvia Sudan
Colombia Liberia Sweden
Costa Riva Malaysia Taiwan
Cuba Mali Tanzania
Dominica Mauritius Thailand
Dominican Republic Mexico Trinidad and Tobago
Ecuador Moldova Uganda
El Salvador Mongolia United Arab Emirates
Ethiopia Nepal United Kingdom
France Nicaragua United States
Germany Nigeria Vietnam
Ghana Pakistan Zimbabwe

Meet our Students

"CSB/SJU has an amazing support system, and there are many opportunities that you can show and share your culture on this campus."

Yee Kei (Amy) Zheng,
Hong Kong

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