Natalie Landwehr

Student Photo

"I was able to choose CSB/SJU because CSB/SJU offered me the best financial package with many scholarships and grants to cover my tuition."

Natalie Landwehr
Economics Major/Accounting Minor
Duluth, Minn.

  • I wanted to go to CSB/SJU because of the community. During my tour and overnight experience, I could tell immediately that the attitude on campus was different than other schools I'd looked at, and if I went anywhere else, I would regret not being able to call myself a Bennie.
  • I was able to choose CSB/SJU because of my supportive family. My dad has always told me that there are two things in this world that no one can take away, one of them being my education. After talking to my family about options, we came to the conclusion that CSB/SJU was the right fit for me, but I would have to work hard for it. Working part time through school, full time in the summers, and keeping my GPA up for scholarships have made it possible for me to attend this terrific institution.
  • I'm glad I chose CSB/SJU because every day is an adventure. I'm currently in my third year, and still, almost every day, I meet someone new. The morals of the community here are unrivaled, the faculty and staff are top-notch, and a I feel safe - a quality you can't put a price on.