Meet Kia Lor


Student photo

CSB/SJU student Kia Lor was a featured speaker at the Hmong Women Speaker's Series last year. She is also an Intercultural Leadership, Education, and Development Scholar.

Kia Lor
St. Paul, Minn.
Communication major and English minor

How is CSB/SJU helping you become the person you want to be?
In a lot of ways CSB/SJU has changed my point of view on many things in life. I came into college thinking that I knew a few things but CSB/SJU challenged me to think deeper, to dissect the meaning of truth, knowledge, power and integrity. I've been able to focus on my own identity as a Hmong Women, a minority, a student, a daughter, a friend, and a human being. CSB/SJU has opened many new opportunities for me, such as my May Term trip to the Deep South to retrace the history of the Civil Rights Movement, my spring break trip to Holden Village, WA to learn about living in a sustainable environment, and my study abroad trip to India next year. In conclusion, CSB/SJU are definitely helping me become the person I want to be: a well-rounded, thoughtful, analytical, versatile, and phenomenal person.

As a Hmong American woman, how do you hope to share your culture with these two campuses?
I feel like I have a lot of give. Being a Hmong American woman definitely adds to the gifts that I offer to CSB/SJU.  At first I felt insecure and intimidated that the CSB/SJU campus would not accept me for who I am. I felt the need to conform and to fit in to the environment and become "Americanized." But after a whole year at CSB/SJU I've come to realize that being a minority, especially a Hmong person, I have the privilege of bringing something new to CSB/SJU. I am grateful that I've been able (and will still be able) to share my culture with CSB/SJU through the Festival of Cultures, Asian New Year, and other cultural events. I hope to raise more awareness of diversity to CSB/SJU and I make both campuses more knowledgeable of the Hmong population.

What made you choose CSB/SJU?

  • The comfortable atmosphere and the sense of community
  • The nice distance away from home (not too far or too near)
  • The beautiful and highly maintained campus
  • The fact that I would attend not only one college (Saint Ben's) but TWO colleges
  • The private, liberal arts education, and the Benedictine Values that shape the colleges
  • My admissions counselor, Jillian Hiscock
  • They gave me the best financial aid package