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The FoCuS Chemistry Scholarship

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The Future Chemists Scholarships and Support (FoCuS) program is a special program for students interested studying Chemistry or Biochemistry at CSB/SJU. Incoming students are eligible for this program, which is supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation.

FoCuS Scholarship Application

The Benefit of Being a FoCuS Student

  • Students who are accepted into this program will receive a scholarship of $23,000 a year (4-year value of $92,000).
  • Students who are accepted into this program will receive valuable mentoring in their field. Students will gain specific mentoring, academic, leadership and research experiences which will help prepare them for careers in Chemistry or Biochemistry.
  • Students will go through a program called "Summer Bridge" that starts with a summer orientation and introductory summer chemistry class.
  • Students will take part in leadership and mentoring activities, a problem solving seminar, career exploration in the junior year, and finally a Senior Research Project in the senior year.
  • Students will have access to summer research opportunities on and off campus.

Summer Bridge Program

  • Summer Bridge is a program that allows FoCuS scholars to complete 5 college credits in chemistry before the fall semester of their first year begins. Summer Bridge provides scholars with more room in their schedule for research and study abroad opportunities, as well as allowing them to be eligible to TA or tutor in the fall of their first year.
  • Other benefits of the Summer Bridge Program include free tuition, room and board for the summer, orientation to college, and cohort building activities in the classroom and in residential settings.

Summer Outreach

  • Summer Outreach takes place during the Summer Bridge Program and allows FoCuS scholars to volunteer together in the community.
  • Students perform science demonstrations for local children at the Boys & Girls Club, which provides invaluable exposure to science for the kids, and résumé-building and team-work building opportunities for the FoCuS scholars.

To be Considered for the Scholarship

  • Apply for admission to CSB/SJU by January 1.
  • Complete the Focus Scholarship Application. 
  • While all students with a strong interest in Chemistry and Biochemistry are encouraged to apply, preference will be given to students who have been historically underrepresented - minorities, women and students with significant financial need.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 1059730.