Meet Hannah Salto

CSB/SJU Admission Rep Hannah Salto

  • Title: College Navigator
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 320-363-5980
  • Responsibilities: My role as the College Navigator is multifaceted. I work to support First Generation students while they prepare for and begin to transition into college. In addition to this, I also work on a broader institutional level to create a stronger, more expansive support system for this growing population of students.
  • Hometown: Sauk Centre, MN
  • High School: Sauk Centre High School
  • College Graduation Year: CSB/SJU Class of 2017 (December 2016 Graduate)
  • Major/Minor: English and Communication Double Major

College Activities: I kept myself busy during my time as a student at CSB/SJU. I graduated Egregia Cum Laude with a 4.0 GPA in 3 ½ years as a member of two National Honor Societies. But, as we all know, college is about more than just academics, so I also participated in many other activities, clubs, and events.

I tried a variety of activities at CSB/SJU to find what I was truly passionate about. I spent some time in AKS, the service sorority on campus, volunteering with Campus Ministry, working in the English Department, writing for The Record, the award-winning student newspaper, and interning in the Twin Cities at a children’s mental health organization.

Ultimately I landed on a few core areas that I spent most of my extracurricular time on. As a theatre scholarship recipient, I worked on one student production each semester. I was able to explore a new area of theatre that I’d never done before by leading the hair, makeup, and costume crew. I was a Resident Assistant for 2 ½ years in the First Year and Upper Class Area where I gained and fine-tuned many professional and personal skills. I pursued many of my social justice passions as the Women’s Empowerment Representative on CSB Senate for 2 semesters. I also helped launch the Bennie branch of National Residence Hall Honorary as the President of the organization.

Coming to college at CSB/SJU allowed me to learn what I truly love in life and how I want to spend the rest of my life. I am so grateful for how CSB shaped me into the person I am and guided me to what I am truly passionate about.

My drive to pursue social justice makes this position working with first generation college students a perfect fit for me because it offers me the opportunity to help truly extraordinary students excel.

Fun Facts about Hannah: I am a very driven person and believe in pursuing the things in life that make you the happiest. A couple of things that make me happy are helping others, being outdoors, exploring new places, animals, running, singing, stand-up comedy, traveling, snorkeling, and that’s just to name a few.

Aside from completing the endless amount of activities on my bucket list, I also have several goals in life being that I’m only 22. I ran a marathon when I was 17 and would like to continue running marathons across the country and world. My long term professional goals include becoming a best-selling author in several genres and traveling as a motivational speaker. I aspire to one day be able to support myself while traveling the world and writing.