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Meet Ben Precourt

Ben Precourt

College Activities: I warbled a few notes in the Men's Chorus, delved into the world of international politics with the Model United Nations team, and worked as a Tour Guide in the Admission Office. Also, I stayed involved as a radio host at KJNB Radio and Orientation Leader. Galway, Ireland was my study abroad home for the fall semester of my junior year. The activities I participated in provided me an opportunity to channel my creativity and meet lifelong friends.

Fun Facts:
I played a spectacularly muddy game of football on Thanksgiving Day on a rain-slicked field in Ireland. I have always wanted a bonsai tree that produces tiny fruits. I love volunteering with Open Arms, an organization that delivers meals to people with life-threatening illnesses. I am never more competitive than when I play Scrabble with my family. I played Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. I read the Harry Potter series every summer. Two things I dream of doing are attending the Sundance Film Festival and traveling to Spain for La Tomatina, a festival that includes a food fight with more than 150,000 tomatoes.


  • Pastimes: Attempting to cook meals for my friends, playing cribbage, reading voraciously, and playing pick-up soccer.
  • Vacation: Salzburg, Austria
  • Meal: If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life, it would include a burrito, a heaping of hot sauce and an ice-cold lemonade
  • Bands: Vampire Weekend, Atmosphere
  • Favorite Reads: A Tree Grows In Brooklyn and Anna Karenina