Meet Emily Berg

Emily Berg

Emily calls from 5:45-8:45 p.m. on Wednesdays and Thursdays. She can be reached at 320-428-2774.

Name: Emily Berg

Hometown: Wayzata, Minnesota

Major/Minor: Psychology

Why I Love CSB/SJU: I love CSB/SJU for so many reasons. I love the sense of community that our schools have. I also love both campuses. I think they are beautiful and I love that we have two of everything. I love our professors because they care so much about their students and I can tell that they genuinely enjoy their jobs.

Campus Involvement: I am a member of the Joint Events Council. I also play intramural sand and court volleyball.

Campus Favorites:

  • I love studying at O'Connell's because it is quiet, but not too quiet and I love getting chai tea there to drink while I study!
  • My favorite dessert by far is the Special K bars at Gorecki! I wish they had them every day.
  • I also love Johnnie football. I truly believe that it is something so special and it is definitely one of my favorite things to attend in the fall.