Meet Alayna Rick

Alayna Rick, CSB StudentAlayna calls from 5:45-8:45 p.m. on Sundays and Thursdays. She can be reached at 320-428-2640.

Name: Alayna Rick

Elementary Education Major; Minors in Hispanic studies with Math, Spanish and possibly Literature endorsements

Hometown: Shakopee, MN

What are you involved with on campus? I am the type of person who is busy 24/7. Besides having 3 jobs, I am very active in the fine arts on campus. I am in Chamber Choir and am also a piano student so I take weekly lessons. I have become active in theater!  My first show was the Opera Workshop and I will play "Penny Pennywise" in the spring production of Urinetown. I am in the service sorority called Alpha Kappa Sigma (AKS) and I am often supporting my students in their events!

Why do you love CSB/SJU? As cliche as it sounds, I love CSB/SJU for the community. Being a Bennie or a Johnnie isn't just about being a student here, it is like a big family that looks out for one another. That includes alumni! If you are wearing CSB/SJU gear out, you can guarantee someone will stop you and you will have an instant connection with them. The other part I love about campus is the many opportunities. As a future teacher, my first on-campus job was working in a 5th grade classroom and I have had many more opportunities to work with youth since then.
Fun Facts About You

  • I swallowed an entire balloon one time (on accident).
  • After sledding down the Austrian Alps, I tripped and fell down them spraining my ankle.
  • When I thought I was going to be an engineer, I made an entire boat out of PVC pipe, zip-ties, and industrial plastic wrap. It held three people and still works!
  • I am THE biggest Vikings fan.

Campus Favorites: Although it isn't on campus, Local Blend is my favorite place to study. It is the local coffee shop in St. Joe and is about a block from campus. They have live music every Tuesday and on the weekends. My favorite place right on campus is definitely Lake Sag.

I am here for anybody that needs help with their college decision! I decided on CSB/SJU because of a current student who hosted me. She is now one of my good friends and someone I look up to, and I'd love to return the favor for someone else!