Vatican II to the Blogosphere

"Vatican II to the Blogosphere: Church and Politics Today"

Journalist John Thavis will speak at 8 pm on Monday March 14 in Quad 264 on politics and the Vatican as part of our ongoing series on Religion and Politics. Thavis graduated from St. John’s University in 1973 with a major in English. He has covered the Vatican for the last 22 years, first with ABC News and then as correspondent and bureau chief for Catholic News Service, the world’s oldest and largest religious news agency.

Thavis has traveled with Pope John Paul II on more than 30 foreign trips to more than 60 countries. He was the first U.S. reporter elected president of the Vatican journalists’ association. Recipient of Catholic Press Association awards for reporting on the Vatican, Europe and the Balkans, Thavis was a main contributor to the bestselling 2003 book, John Paul II: A Light for the World.