Past Lectures

Panel Discussion: "Understanding Recent Events in Egypt and the Middle East," March 8, 2011

Thomas Melville, author "Through a Glass Darkly: The U.S Holocaust in Central America"

Judith Yaphe, National Defense University and former CIA Intelligence Analyst "Iranian Ambitions, American Options, Iraqi Consequences"

Raymond Baker, author "Capitalism's Achilles Heel: Dirty Money and How to Renew the Free Market System"

Greg Hall, Chair, Department of Political Science, Morehouse College "The Great Game Revisited - The United States in Afghanistan and the Caspian Sea"

Stefan Fritsch, University of Salzburg and Bowling Green State University "The European Union as a Global Actor "

Yanar Mohammed, Director, Organization of Women's Freedom in Iraq "Hope in Time of War - Iraqi Women Today"

Rubina Feroze Bhatti, Pakistani Human Rights and Peace Advocate "The Struggle for Peace and Environmental Justice, and Women's Rights in Pakistan"

Emile Nakleh, Director of Political Islam Strategic Analysis Program, CIA (Retd.) "Political Islam and the Obama Administration"

Ursula Mahlendorf, author, and Maria Segal, author "Stories of Serving and Surviving the Nazis"

Roy Glover, US Foreign Service Officer (Retd.) "The War in Afghanistan - An Insider's View" February 3, 2010. Video of Lecture: Global Awareness Lecture

Khalil Nakleh, SJU '67 "The Future of the Israeli - Palestinian Conflict"

Dr. Rajmohan Ghandi, Professor, University of Illinois, author "Peace, Justice, and Environmental Sustainability"

Anousheh Ansari, First female private space explorer, CEO, Prodea Systems Inc. "Reaching for the Stars and Getting There"

Joleen Steyn Kotze, Professor of Political Science, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University "The Significance of the Victory of Jacob Zuma in the 2009 South African Elections"

Shamsia Ramadhan, Kenyan Muslim Woman Leader "Muslim - Christian Cooperation for Peace in Kenya"

Lydia Lopez, President, Colombia Flower Workers Union "Sowing the Seeds of Resistance: Colombis Flower Unions, US Policy and the Struggle for Dignity"

Edward Greaves: Professor of Political Science, St. Cloud State University "The Role of Civil Society in Michelle Bachlet's Chile"

Ana Trišić Babić, Deputy Foreign Minister, Bosnia and Herzegovina "Bosnia and Herzegovina: Thirteen Years After the War" September 17, 2008. Video of Lecture: Global Awareness Lecture

Juan Cole. "An Assured Peace" or "A Victory Hope For?" September 29, 2008 Co-sponsored by the University Chair in Critical Thinking and Academic Affairs Video of lecture: Islamic Studies Task Force & Global Awareness Speaker

Ernesto Cardenal, poet "Faith, Politics and Poetry: A Poetry Reading by Ernesto Cardenal" "Reflections on the Nicaraguan Revolution" 

Abbas Mehdi, Chair, Union of Independent Iraqis "Military Intervention and Democracy in Iraq" 

Vera Eccarius Kelly, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Siena College

"Proactive Change in the Highlands of Guatemala: Mayan Women's Initiatives" 

Mode Wani, Actor "Trial at Rivonia: Solo Performance by Mode Wani on Nelson Mandela's Trial" 

Ligia Inés Alzate, Colombian Trade Union Leader "Combating a Culture of Violence: Alternatives to the Colombian Civil War" 

Cuatrotablas, Peruvian Theatre Group "The Ship of Memory/La Nave de la Memoria

Fernando Ramos, actor "Gorillas Walking on the Balls of their Feet/ Gorillas en Puntas de Pie"