Dan Finn's Response to Fr. Sirico's Blog

Fr. Sirico’s blog post above asserts I wrote “a canard-laden article” which employs “not-so-subtle polemical technique . . . to raise and make patently absurd questions and assertions.” Like his original letter to Commonweal, these accusations are difficult to respond to since Fr. Sirico provides no reasons, no explanations, no arguments as to how my depiction of his words was inaccurate, only the assertion that it was.

When I first began reading Fr. Sirico’s letter to Commonweal, I anticipated that he would be explaining and defending the intellectual substance of the positions he took in his original article, and thus I had thought that he and I would be differing on the proper interpretation of basic principles of Catholic moral theology. Instead the dispute is about whether he really said what I asserted he said.

I greatly value fairness in intellectual argument and I am open to being persuaded that I misinterpreted his words in that original article. There is not space here to give an adequate reply to his accusations, but interested readers can refer to my letter of response, published in Commonweal, available on my website. In it I give reasons why I think my description of his views was indeed accurate, something that the reader will have to decide.

Also appearing there are his original article from Religion and Liberty and my original Commonweal piece criticizing it.