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Professors Alumni

Alexander Andrews, OSB
Professor Alumnus in History, 1966-; B.S., University of Illinois, 1960; M.A., Columbia University, 1962; M.Div., Saint John’s University, 1969.

David Huber
Professor Alumnus in Chemistry, 1980-; B.S., Saint John's University, 1964; M.S., Ohio State University, 1967; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1991.

Christine Manderfeld, OSB
Professor Alumna in Education, 1981-; B.A., College of Saint Benedict, 1965; M.M.E., Indiana University, 1970. 


Sandy Bot‑Miller
Professor Alumna in Education 1996‑; B.S., Mankato State University, 1978; M.A., Saint John's University, 1991.

Sally Melton
Professor Alumna of English, 1975-; B.A., John Carroll University, 1968; M.A., Saint Cloud State University, 1971.

Sheila Rausch, OSB
Professor Alumna of English, 1949, 1968-; B.A., College of Saint Benedict, 1948; M.A., Marquette University, 1961; Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 1968.

Alan Reed, OSB
Professor Alumnus of Art, 1976-; B.A., Saint John’s University, 1970; M.A.E., Rhode Island School of Design, 1977; M.F.A., University of Chicago, 1983.

Lois Wedl, OSB
Professor Alumna of Education, 1986‑; B.A., College of Saint Benedict, 1966; M.Ed., Ohio University, 1982; Ph.D., 1986.

Virginia Wieland
Professor Alumna of Nursing, 1976-; B.S., Cornell University,1952; M.A., New York University, 1957.