Chapter 9: Chair Interaction with the Office for Education Abroad (OEA)

Faculty Selection for Study Abroad

International Education is a signature program at CSB/SJU, and Department Chairs play an important role in the successful operation of many of our international programs. Of the 16 semester long study abroad programs managed by the Office for Education Abroad, 15 of the programs are led by a CSB/SJU faculty member. Department Chairs will be asked from time to time to support a faculty member’s application to lead a study abroad program. Factors to consider with respect to this decision include:

  • What courses will be taught during the semester abroad?
  • Will other faculty members from the department have also requested to lead a program or be on leave or sabbatical?
  • What is the potential impact that leading a study abroad program might have on a faculty member’s progress toward promotion or tenure? (Examples include lack of availability of course observation, preparation of promotion/tenure files, ability to complete follow-up actions on third year review recommendations, and others.)

Decisions with respect to who will direct study abroad are generally made at least one year in advance. In the event that a faculty member in the department is selected to lead a program for the following academic year, chairs need to project staffing for the department in light of potential needs, changes, sabbaticals, and leaves of absence in order to determine whether replacement faculty may be required. At such time chairs should communicate department’s needs to the Academic Dean so that the appropriate steps can be taken with respect to staffing.

Short-term Programs

Faculty members also lead short term study abroad programs. Many departments offer the same short term programs every year. For example, the nursing department runs a program in South Africa, and Hispanic Studies operates a program in Spain. Department Chairs can discuss with their faculty members how to best utilize the short term model for study abroad to best meet their students’ needs. The Office for Education Abroad can assist with the planning and promotion of these programs.

Department Chairs will also be asked from time to time to evaluate the awarding of credit to courses taught in the context of a study abroad program. Working with the Office for Education Abroad to procure the best information on the content and rigor of the courses taught overseas is an important factor in completing this responsibility.

Last updated: September 16, 2008