2.11 Nonprofessional Leaves

A faculty member may request a leave for a purpose unrelated to normal professional activity of the faculty. (Professional leaves are treated in Sections 2.9.2, “Sabbatical Leaves,” and 2.9.3, “Other Professional Leaves.”) Examples of leaves covered in this section include, but are not necessarily limited to, illness, disability, military training, jury duty, the birth or adoption of a child, critical illness or death in the immediate family, or other compassionate reasons. Leaves for illness or disability or due to the birth or adoption of a child are subject to policies within the college’s [university’s] faculty benefit program. See Section 2.12.2, “Employment Benefits,” applicable policies in Part III, and applicable state and federal laws, rules, and regulations concerning mandatory leaves.

2.11.1 Nonprofessional Leaves with Pay

The college [university] provides for short-term leaves with pay in some circumstances such as jury duty, mandatory military service, or medical or compassionate reasons. A short-term leave of absence is ordinarily not more than 10 working days but may be extended for a longer period. Short-term leaves for illness or disability are subject to the provisions of the disability policy of the college [university].

A longer parental leave is available due to birth or adoption of a child, with the leave occurring either in the semester of the birth or adoption or in the following semester. If both parents are employed by the College of Saint Benedict and/or Saint John’s University, only one of the parents is eligible for the leave.

Requests for leaves are submitted in writing to the divisional dean [and/or the dean of the School of Theology] along with a written recommendation on the leave from the department chair. In the case of emergency leaves for compassionate reasons, the requests may be made to the divisional dean [and/or the dean of the School of Theology], who may waive a written request in view of the circumstances.

2.11.2 Nonprofessional Leaves without Pay

A faculty member wishing to have an extended leave without pay for any of the above reasons should make a written request to the divisional dean [and/or the dean of the School of Theology as appropriate], accompanied by an evaluation by the department chair. Ordinarily such leaves are not granted for more than one academic year. An effort should be made to arrange the leave to coincide with the academic terms.

2.11.3 Effects of Nonprofessional Leaves

The faculty member’s status or tenure will not be affected by nonprofessional leaves. Nonprofessional leaves with pay are counted toward tenure, promotion, and sabbatical, but nonprofessional leaves without pay do not count toward tenure, promotion, or sabbatical.

Fringe benefits are not provided during leaves without pay although the faculty member has the option to continue such benefits by paying the college [university] for them. Benefit arrangements are made with the Human Resources Office.

Faculty members on nonprofessional leave without pay for an academic year are nonetheless eligible to receive the normal annual salary increment upon their return.

2.11.4 Nonprofessional Leaves for Benedictines of Saint Benedict’s Monastery [Saint John’s Abbey]

Faculty members who are sisters of Saint Benedict’s Monastery [monks of Saint John’s Abbey] are subject to reassignment by the prioress [abbot] to duties outside of the college [university]. A ranked faculty member so reassigned may request a leave without pay which will be granted upon request. If the reassignment lasts longer than two years, the sister [monk] resigns but may be reappointed by the president at a later date in accord with Section