2.0 Contractual Policies and Procedures

This section (Part II of the Faculty Handbook, including Sections 2.0 through 2.16 and all appendices to Part II) contains the approved policies and procedures of the College of Saint Benedict (the college) [Saint John's University (the university)] concerning the terms and conditions of employment of the faculty of the college [university]. Part II is incorporated into the individual contract of employment of each faculty member. Where the terms and provisions of an individual contract of a faculty member are inconsistent with the general policies contained herein, the provisions of the individual contract shall supersede. Otherwise, the provisions of Part II of the Faculty Handbook are legally binding on all parties for the specific period covered by a contract and will not be changed during that period.

Revisions of Part II of the Faculty Handbook can occur only in accord with the procedures of Section 2.16. The provost is charged with keeping on file the official copy of the Faculty Handbook, including all revisions.

Should there be any misapplication or misinterpretation or violation of the specific provisions of this section by a chair, program director, dean, or other officer of the college [university], the faculty member involved in such a situation may informally refer such actions to the Faculty Handbook Committee or file a grievance under procedures found in Sections 2.15 and 4.1.

2.0.1 Nondiscrimination

It is the policy of the college [university], as articulated in the “Joint Human Rights Policy” (see appendix to Part II), not to discriminate unlawfully against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, age, sexual orientation, marital status, sex, national origin, ancestry, religion, veteran's status, or physical impairment. The college [university] does, however, have a policy on preferential hiring and retention, as described in Section 2.3.3.

The policy of nondiscrimination includes, but is not limited to:

  1. recruitment and employment of applicants who possess the necessary qualifications and/or experience for appointment to the faculty;
  2. renewal of faculty contract, tenure, promotion, and separation from the college [university];
  3. sabbatical leave or other leave with or without pay; faculty development programs, grants, awards sponsored by the college [university];
  4. establishment of salary, benefits, workload, and other rights belonging to a faculty member.

Moreover, it is the policy of the college [university] that no employee shall discriminate against another employee on any of these grounds.