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What’s been happening?

Yes, at Saint John’s you really can recycle all plastics marked #1–7

Don't throw any plastics marked #1–7 in the trash! Save Saint John’s some cash by putting them in the recycling. Our recycler, Waste Management, accepts these plastics.

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Saint John’s power house switches to natural gas

From November 1, 2011 through October 31, 2013, the Saint John’s Power House will be burning natural gas as a primary fuel for heating, cooling and electrical generation, based on thermal demand. Coal and fuel oil will be used as secondary and backup fuels.

This shift in fuels will cut the CO2 emissions of the Power House by about 58 percent by preventing the emission of approximately 41,000 tons of CO2. At this time, Saint John’s cost of burning natural gas is approximately 5 percent more than that of burning coal, but the environmental benefits and the savings on the wear and tear on the equipment make this fuel shift worthwhile.

Massive campus lighting retrofit completed

In the spring of 2011, the Saint John’s campus had over 6,000 fluorescent light fixtures that had old, inefficient T-12 lamps and ballasts. Over the summer and fall of 2011, OSB/SJU Physical Plant retrofitted these light fixtures with new and more efficient T-8 lamps and ballasts. The new lamp and ballast combinations use 40% less electricity.

What are T-12 and T-8 lamps? Find out ›

Bottle-filling stations to be installed this semester

Saint John’s Senate voted to grant the Sustainability Office $2,100 in additional funds for the installation of bottle-filling stations on campus.

This funding, along with funding from the MacLeod Trust, enables Physical Plant to install seven stations on the Saint John’s campus this semester. The locations include:

  • ›Quad 1 (near admissions)
  • ›Refectory
  • ›Quad IT Services lab
  • ›Sexton 1st floor (across from SJU Senate office)
  • ›SBH Auditorium, 1st floor
  • ›Palaestra 2nd floor (near Gagliardi's office)
  • ›Peter Engel 2nd floor west

Most of these will be similar to the stations found at CSB.

Sustainability Alliance and SIFE promote green club certifications

The Sustainability Alliance is working with SIFE in promoting a hybrid Green Club Certification to maintain greener, more sustainable clubs on campus. SIFE is planning on having the clubs off-set their carbon foot prints by planting trees equivalent to their impact.

Sustainability Alliance launches new Facebook page

Get to know the Sustainability Alliance ›

New steam meters installed

In November, Physical Plant installed ten steam meters to help monitor steam usage for different parts of the campus. This is the latest stage of the electronic metering project that started in late 2009, which now includes electricity, steam, water, and natural gas meters.

Take a look at the meters (Internet Explorer required) ›

Where on campus was the header photo taken?

The first student to reply to this e-mail who can correctly identify where the photo at the top of this message was taken wins a reusable shopping bag.

The photo was taken by Br. Alan Reed, OSB.

Meet our staff

Carlos Dabu

Sustainability Intern

Carlos is a Junior Environmental Studies Major. Active in the sustainability clubs on campus, it was a perfect fit for Carlos to get an internship in a office where has can share his passions. He is very interested in spreading the awareness of sustainability and its practices to Johnnies and the CSB/SJU community. Carlos is working on marketing and planning for RecycleMania and Campus Conservation Nationals.

Austin Jacobs

Sustainability Intern

Austin is currently a Senior Biology/Environmental Studies Major. He became involved with the Sustainability Office because of his love for the environment. Austin is working on a program to conduct energy audits and to kill vampire loads at SJU.

Ashley LaLiberte

Sustainability Intern

Ashley is currently a CSB sophomore with a Communication/Hispanic Studies double major. Ashley is very excited to be working in the SJU Sustainability office as an intern. Ashley is especially interested in getting Johnnies more involved in sustainability and learning more about sustainability herself. Collectively, Ashley and her fellow interns are working towards a new campaign on the Saint John’s campus.

Nick Moe

Sustainability Fellow

Nick graduated in 2007 with majors in physics and music. After earning an MS in electrical engineering at Stanford University, he returned to Collegeville to study liturgical music and pipe organ performance at the School of Theology. He began working with the Sustainability Office in August 2010 and has been a Monastic Associate with Saint John’s Abbey since August 2011. He works principally on energy efficiency and conservation measures with Physical Plant at Saint John’s.

Upcoming Events

February 5–March 31

Saint John’s will be competing against 490 other schools across the United States and Canada in a competition to see who can recycle the best.

We will especially be competing against the other MIAC schools who are participating in RecycleMania: Concordia College (Moorhead) and the University of St. Thomas. We'll also focus some competition on the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire.

Watch your e-mail for more details in the coming days.

February 6–24

Saint John’s will be competing against CSB and over 170 other colleges and universities across the United States that are participating in the Campus Conservation Nationals to see how much we can reduce our energy usage.

Although we are not competing in the official competition, we are working on crafting an energy competition specifically for this campus. Again, watch your e-mail for updates.

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